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How to Avoid Panty Lines

1. Wear a thong. Get rid of the bottom line by eliminating it instead of trying to hide it. Thongs sometimes take awhile to get used to, but millions of women swear by their comfort.

2. Buy panties that have a subtle hem line, smaller stitching or are seamless. Cotton panties with large bands are guaranteed to give you a giant, noticeable panty line.

3. Invest in underwear or undergarments that hold in fat. Body-shaping undies usually run from your thighs to your mid-waist, so there's no need to worry about visible panty lines. Modern versions of body-shaping attire are usually made from spandex and are quite comfortable for everyday wear.

4. Steal from men's fashion. Wearing boy shorts, boxers, or women's boxer-briefs is a great way to rid the appearance of panty lines. Make sure your boy undies are tight-fitting or you'll have another problem--boxer lines instead of panty lines.

5. Dress in dark colors or jeans. White pants are another visible panty line guarantee. However, it's much more difficult to point out a panty line in black or brown dress pants or denim.

Topshop Star Chiffon Thong

Topshop Star Chiffon Thong
Price : RM21 (Shop retail price RM26)
Colour : Pale pink
Item code : TS002PP
Size UK12 (fits size Medium/Large)
Available : 1
Pale Pink Star Chiffon Thong 100% Cotton. Machine washable.

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How to pick the right thong

Women's Lingerie Size Chart

All measurements given in inches.
Size Bust Cup Size Waist Hips
Small 34
B 25 34
Medium 36 C 27 36
Large 38 D
29 38
One Size 32 - 38 A - C 23 - 29 34 - 40
Small/Medium 32 - 36 A - B 23 - 27 34 - 38
Medium/Large 34 - 38 B - C 25 - 29 36 - 40
Plus Size 38 - 40 B - D 30 - 34 40 - 42
1X - 2X 40 - 42 D - DD 34 - 38 42 - 44